TNS was founded in March of 2015 by Josh Fields and Ricky Price with the main goal of creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities after the transition out of high school.

Since its creation, the TNS team has successfully developed and launched a Resource Guide that compiles resources from around the state of Pennsylvania that can assist families and individuals in the search for resources that already exist.

‚ÄčIn addition, TNS has hosted an annual event in Ivyland, PA where they advocate and inform local community members about the need for increased opportunities amongst the disability population.

Now in 2018, TNS has set our sights high. TNS launched our video blog platform that interviews individuals with disabilities, and others to help advocate about the transitional process. TNS plans to host a series of workshops in the Greater Philadelphia Area that focuses on the transitional process out of high school that will be geared towards individuals with disabilities, families, caregivers, employees, and members of the general public.

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