Our team has been working hard to develop programs that we believe will serve individuals with disabilities during their transition in the most effective manner. 

In 2016, we were able to launch our first version of the Resource Guide. The Resource Guide is an online directory comprised of resources that are currently available in Pennsylvania. We continue to grow our database, in order to expand the opportunities and options available for individuals with disabilities and their families. 

In 2017, we were able to add more than 50 additional resources to our Resource Guide, and are currently in the process of adding an additional 100 more resources to the database! 

In 2018, we are developing a series of workshops that will focus on the main barriers of transition for individuals with disabilities. Our workshops will be designed to help families and individuals gain the necessary knowledge and skills to make transition a little smoother. 

Finally, in 2018 we launched our TNS Video Blog that focuses on self-advocacy for people with disabilities. Our blog features individuals with various disabilities and gives them a platform to share their stories with the society. Through this blog, we hope to normalize the diverse world that we all live in.