We believe in education, advocacy, and inspiration


The Next Step Programs is helping to create a sustainable model of independence for individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to achieve societal change by focusing on three pillars: education, advocacy and inspiration.
TNS educates parents, teachers and community members on various topics within transition and vocation. We work with individuals to build skills and offer follow up workshops and resources to maintain them.
TNS also seeks out employers to educate them on the importance of hiring those with disabilities, working alongside employers to increase hiring of individuals with disabilities and to create awareness of the difficulties individuals with disabilities face as they transition out of high school. 

We provide workshops and skill development for individuals with disabilities as they transition out of high school into adulthood. TNS creates and maintains relationships with employers to ensure that they are maintaining their work in hiring and maintaining employment of individuals with disabilities and taking that next step in social development and inclusion. ​
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