Legal Guardians

Examples of workshops include:
When to start Transition Planning, Skill Development, Assessments, Job Coaching, Independent Living Skills, Sex Education


Workshops range from specific topics of transition to current research to advocacy and are geared towards educating the community and providing resources and support. All workshops are meant to be collaborative, engaging and fun!

We work to build community by facilitating group discussions on topics to increase awareness of transition and the problems we all face. Our goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to be leaders in transition and inclusion and to encourage individuals to become active advocates in their communities.

Individuals with Disabilities

Skill development for individuals with disabilities include:
Interviewing, Task Management, Understanding Ones Rights, How to find a job and apply

Get to know our

Learn how to be an Agent for Inclusion through our workshops specifically curated for employers and business owners! Topic covered include social interactions with individuals with disabilities, how to hire those with disabilities, why it is important to hire those with disabilities, disability history and current issues within the disability community.

Our goal is to inspire companies to be leaders in inclusion

We hope to build a community with these businesses to help connect them with parents and individuals with disabilities who in the transition process.



For Employers and Business Owners





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